I am a Solutions Architect specializing in Cloud (Amazon Web Services & Azure), DevOps, CI/CD, SRE and IT Operations. Currently an Expert Architect at everis. I am capable with a wide range of technical and big-picture architectural tasks.

Want Me To Work With You?

I am available to provide training and advisory support in the areas of architecture, cloud, and continuous delivery. I am also available to speak at both private and public events.

If you want to enquire as to my fees, availability, and get more information about the services I offer, then please get in touch.

A little bit more about me. Like anyone cares.

Love digging into customer problems and solve them with the latest technology available while create, scale, and optimize solutions that matter.

I have enjoyed many technical & executive positions throughout my career of more than 20 years as a Developer, Systems Administrator, Solutions Architect, Service Delivery Manager, Account Manager and more recently; Cloud Architect and DevOps Leader.

I like to believe that my personal and professional experiences have taught me the following:

  • Team comes first, ALWAYS, after them;
  • The Customer is the center of all.
  • I stay calm when faced with adversity (well, most of the time) and finally;
  • I am constantly learning because I never settle.